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Brand Protect™

E-Commerce Film

Crayex Brand Protect E-Commerce Film ™ has set the standard in precision polyethylene products for retailers, couriers, and e-commerce businesses. Our sustainable poly mailers are highly customizable, allowing each company to meet its specific needs.

At Crayex, our commitment to quality and innovation drives everything we do. Using only prime grade resins, we manufacture with state-of-the-art equipment to ensure gauge consistency and tight tolerances. From narrow 5-inch webs to broader 126-inch webs, we can construct the right film for your unique application, with gauge thicknesses ranging from .001 to .010 inches.

In addition to our extensive production capabilities, our Brand Protect E-Commerce Film™ offers a range of features to enhance your brand. Our custom films feature superior seal strength, quick-seal initiation, and wider seal range. In addition, our films incorporate automatic gauge controls for precision and efficiency, and we provide large O.D. rolls up to 40 inches in diameter, along with various core sizes including 3, 4, 5, and 6 inches. To accommodate your unique requirements, we offer one or two-sided treat capabilities of up to 52 dynes.

At Crayex, we understand the critical importance of quality, especially for our Brand Protect E-Commerce Films ™. Our dedicated Quality Control lab operates with cutting-edge film testing equipment to ensure that every roll we produce meets our stringent standards. Our skilled, friendly, and knowledgeable Sales and Customer Service team work closely with our Production and Quality team members to create your customized blend, demonstrating our commitment to delivering exceptional service and support.



ISO 9001 / SQF certification for food safety and quality assurance

Superior seal strength, quick-seal initiation, wider seal range

Heavy-duty, proven formulations utilizing the finest polymers in the industry for superior performance

One or two-sided treat capabilities of up to 52 dynes

Clear, tinted, or opaque films to meet specific custom film packaging needs

Our E-Commerce film services cater to a diverse range of markets, including

Multi-Colored Registered Print Converters

  • Stand-up pouches
  • Mailer bags
  • Coin bags
  • Tapes
  • Label film
  • Die-cut shapes
  • Advertising signs and banner film

Converted to

  • Auto insertion bags
  • Wicket bags
  • Gel packs

At Crayex, we maintain high customer satisfaction by combining our meticulous attention to detail in every aspect of our retailers' products, from conception to implementation, with our consistent production practices. This results in some of the quickest turnaround times in the industry.

Our converter-grade rolls are flat films with tight winds, designed to help our retail and e-commerce customers optimize gauge, improve yield, reduce downtime, and enhance overall throughput, ultimately leading to cost reduction. We custom-formulate our products to meet your specific requirements, supported by comprehensive Certificate of Compliance documentation.

For exceptional quality, Crayex Brand Protect™ E-Commerce Film™ is certified with ISO 9001 and SQF - Food Safety Code for manufacturing food packaging.