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Brand Protect™


Introducing Brand Protect™ Shrink Film, your versatile solution for flexible packaging needs. Available in various forms, including sheeting, tubing, and sleeves, our shrink film offers unmatched versatility. Engineered for superior strength and consistent performance, Brand Protect™ Shrink Film ensures optimal load integrity, whether you’re operating a two-roll system or a high-speed shrink bundler. Safeguard your brand with Brand Protect™ Shrink Film, an exceptional shrink film solution that offers an unmatched combination of performance and versatility.


ISO 9001 / SQF certification for food safety and quality assurance

Excels in high-speed wrapping/bundling processes

Heavy-duty, proven formulations utilizing the finest polymers in the industry for superior performance

Enhanced visual appeal and crystal-clear clarity

Clear, tinted, or opaque films to meet specific custom film packaging needs


Discover the Power of Brand Protect™ Shrink Bundling Film: Engineered Excellence for High-Speed Packaging

Experience next-level shrink bundling with our specially designed Brand Protect™ Shrink Bundling Film. Crafted to excel in high-speed wrapping and bundling processes, our innovative film unlocks a world of possibilities for increased yield opportunities.


Customize your shrink film percentages to achieve the precise fit and protection required for your unique product. Brand Protect™ Shrink Film empowers you to optimize every aspect of your custom film packaging, ensuring a flawless finish.

Unmatched Visual Appeal

Showcase your brand in captivating style. Our high-gloss and low-haze properties enhance the visual appeal while maintaining crystal-clear clarity and printed custom film options. Elevate your custom film packaging game and leave a lasting impression on your customers.

Performance and Versatility Redefined

Enjoy unparalleled performance and versatility with Brand Protect™ Shrink Film. Its robust strength, stiffness, and performance properties guarantee seamless machinability and superior shrink film characteristics, minimizing abrasion and maximizing efficiency.

Cost-Effective and Reliable Solution

For general applications, our shrink film delivers a cost-effective and reliable solution. Experience exceptional durability, strength, and stiffness that withstand the demands of high performance shrink applications.

Unlock the potential of your custom film packaging with Brand Protect™ Shrink Bundling Film. It’s FOF (FILM OVER FILM) capabilities, low haze, high gloss, and excellent visuals create a striking impact while ensuring smooth and reliable performance. Elevate your packaging to new heights and achieve remarkable results with Brand Protect™ Shrink Film.

With a solid track record of reliability, Brand Protect ™ Shrink film has consistently delivered outstanding performance on a range of shrink machines and systems from reputable manufacturers such as ARPAC, TexWrap, EDL, Douglas, and Smipack.