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Brand Protect™

Food & Pharma

Crayex’s Brand Protect Food & Pharma product boasts a longstanding and proven history of collaboration with our partners in the food and pharmaceutical manufacturing industry. By utilizing only top-quality FDA resins and adhering to certified food manufacturing practices, we consistently provide our partners with products of exceptional quality they can trust.

We are honored to hold ISO9001 and SQF (Safe Quality Food) certifications, which solidify our unwavering dedication to delivering exceptional quality and ensuring food safety. These internationally recognized standards demonstrate that our Brand Protect Food & Pharma products and processes align with the highest global benchmarks, showcasing our commitment to excellence.

Our ISO9001 certification stands as a symbol of our dedication to implementing a robust quality management system. It assures that every facet of our operations, from sourcing and manufacturing to distribution, undergoes continuous optimization for maximum efficiency and effectiveness.

Furthermore, as a testament to our unwavering commitment to ensuring the safety of our food products, Crayex is honored to have achieved the highest level of SQF (Safe Quality Food) certification. This prestigious recognition serves as a solid assurance to our partners that our products not only meet but also exceed the stringent standards set by the Global Food Safety Initiative.



ISO 9001 / SQF certification for food safety and quality assurance

Excellent roll conformity and tension control

Heavy-duty, proven formulations utilizing the finest polymers in the industry for superior performance

Superior seal strength, quick-seal initiation, wider seal range

Clear, tinted, or opaque films to meet specific custom film packaging needs

Our state-of-the-art manufacturing lines are capable of producing a diverse range of films, from monolayer combo liners and high puncture VFFS films to highly intricate coextruded barrier and peel seal films. Whether you require strength, rigidity, toughness, pliability, quick seal, slip, or no slip, we have the expertise and a wide array of resins to develop the perfect blend for your specific needs.

Operating across two facilities equipped with 16 production lines, Crayex leverages cutting-edge extrusion equipment, ensuring precise gauge and width tolerances. Our strategic redundancy in manufacturing capabilities enables us to deliver fast turnaround times, resulting in a highly reliable schedule. Our experienced production and quality control teams diligently oversee the entire process, maintaining consistency from one order to the next.

Consider the following options to find the most suitable packaging solution for your requirements

  • Narrow web
  • Wide-width sheeting
  • Gusseted
  • Bottom seal leak-proof bags
  • Separated bags in a box
  • 40” OD rolls

At Crayex, our dedicated sales, service, production, and quality teams work closely with our food and pharma partners to develop customized films specifically tailored to their products. This personalized approach empowers our customers to optimize film utilization, reduce costs, and enhance efficiencies and throughput.