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introducing brand Protect™

A series of custom plastic engineered films designed to be the ultimate guardian of your brand. Every aspect of the manufacturing process, from selection of raw materials and resins to cost-effective production and efficient shipping, is meticulously crafted with on singular purpose: to safeguard your brand.

Brand protect™
stretch hooder film

Brand Protect™ Stretch Hooder employs a co-extruded stretch hood film to accommodate a diverse array of industries, including kitchen appliances, corrugated boxes, glass, beverages, building materials, paper and printing, household appliances, chemicals, logistics centers, and customized solutions.

Brand protect™
converting/laminating film

For over five decades, Crayex Brand Protect™ Converting & Laminating Film has stood as an industry leader in the manufacturing of precision polyethylene products. We are the trusted choice for all your laminating, coating, printing, and converting roll stock needs. Our commitment to excellence is evident in our state-of-the-art production facilities, equipped with the latest technology in extrusion equipment for both monolayer and coextruded films.

Brand protect™
shrink film

Brand Protect™ Shrink Film, your versatile solution for flexible packaging needs. Available in various forms, including sheeting, tubing, and sleeves, our shrink film offers unmatched versatility. Engineered for superior strength and consistent performance, Brand Protect™ Shrink Film ensures optimal load integrity, whether you’re operating a two-roll system or a high-speed shrink bundler. Safeguard your brand with Brand Protect™ Shrink Film, an exceptional shrink film solution that offers an unmatched combination of performance and versatility.

Brand protect™
liners & bags

Brand Protect Liners and Bags™, a superior packaging solution designed to provide exceptional strength, consistent performance, and optimal load integrity. These versatile products are available in various formats, including bags, sheeting, tubing, sleeves, centerfold, bottom seal, side gusseted, lip, and top gusseted. Manufactured with LLDPE/LDPE for general applications and Hexene LLDPE/LDPE for high-performance applications, they are available in mono-layer and coextruded formats.

Brand protect™
E-Commerce Film

Brand Protect E-Commerce Film ™ has set the standard in precision polyethylene products for retailers, couriers, and e-commerce businesses. Our sustainable poly mailers are highly customizable, allowing each company to meet its specific needs.

Brand protect™
food & pharma film

Brand Protect Food & Pharma product boasts a longstanding and proven history of collaboration with our partners in the food and pharmaceutical manufacturing industry. By utilizing only top-quality FDA resins and adhering to certified food manufacturing practices, we consistently provide our partners with products of exceptional quality they can trust.