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Brand Protect™

Liners and Bags

Introducing the Brand Protect Liners and Bags™, a superior packaging solution designed to provide exceptional strength, consistent performance, and optimal load integrity. These versatile products are available in various formats, including bags, sheeting, tubing, sleeves, centerfold, bottom seal, side gusseted, lip, and top gusseted. Manufactured with LLDPE/LDPE for general applications and Hexene LLDPE/LDPE for high-performance applications, they are available in mono-layer and coextruded formats.

Brand Protect Bags minimize abrasion while boasting superior shrink characteristics and protection of your products. Additionally, they deliver outstanding performance, allowing for cost reduction through downgauging. Featuring good optics, ultimate strength, and flexibility, they excel in high-demand shrink applications while offering an enticing clear view, low haze and high gloss visual appeal.

Crayex Liners and Bags are noted for their durability and easy open/easy tear of the roll perforations allowing for the utmost in productivity. These liners and bags ensure optimal protection for your products.

Whether used for shrink or non-shrink applications, our liners and bags cater to a wide range of packaging requirements. Customizable random printing options further enhance the personalization of your packaging. Moreover, our products offer a cost-effective solution for general packaging needs.

At Crayex, we take pride in delivering consistent and reliable products from the first run and beyond. Our unwavering commitment ensures that your products are not merely wrapped in plastic but enveloped in integrity.



ISO 9001 / SQF certification for food safety and quality assurance

Co-extruded polyethylene tubing for enhanced durability and flexibility

Heavy-duty, proven formulations utilizing the finest polymers in the industry for superior performance

Ability to print two colors on two sides of a standard GMA pallet for efficient identification

Clear, tinted, or opaque films to meet specific custom film packaging needs

Our Brand Protect™ Liners and Bags are available in both mono-layer and co-extruded formats

Coextruded Bags

  • Bags come in bottom seal, centerfold, or gusseted styles.
  • Gauge range: 0.0008 to 0.010.
  • Bottom seal: 40″ – 88″ wide and 12″ – 2112″ long.
  • Centerfold: 20″ – 2112″ wide (opening) and 20″ – 88″ long.

Mono-Layer Bags

  • Bags also come in bottom seal, centerfold, or gusseted styles.
  • Gauge range: 0.0008 to 0.012.
  • Bottom seal: 20″ – 120″ wide and 12″ – 2112″ long.
  • Centerfold: 12″ – 2112″ wide (opening) and 10″ – 120″ long.
  • Gusseted: 12″ x 8″ up to 100″ x 56″, with lengths ranging from 12″ to 2112″.

Our Brand Protect Liners & Bags provide energy efficiency, material cost reduction, and improved line speed. We offer a diverse selection of custom and pre-stocked liners, dust covers, and shrink bags that are SQF certified and use only top-quality FDA resins. Our liners and covers come in various sizes, offering versatility and ease of use.

Centerfold super strength shrink is the ultimate solution for heavy-duty packaging. Our shrink wrap is designed to endure challenging conditions, providing unparalleled load retention. Ideal for both manual and machine shrinking, Centerfold ensures the integrity of your products, even in demanding outdoor environments. With its tamper-evident packaging, you can have peace of mind knowing that your items remain secure. Furthermore, the five-sided protection effectively shields your valuables from moisture and dirt, offering complete safety during storage and transport.