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Sustainability in the plastic film industry has become an increasingly urgent imperative in the face of environmental challenges. Crayex is proud to be at the forefront of reducing plastic pollution and mitigating its environmental impact and leading others in the industry to shift towards sustainable practices
Crayex embraces innovative approaches such as the development of biodegradable and compostable plastics, as well as investing in recycling technologies to minimize waste and promote a circular economy. Continually education regarding the growing emphasis on utilizing renewable sources for plastic production, such as plant-based alternatives, to reduce reliance on fossil fuels is a priority for the Crayex team. Through collaborative efforts among manufacturers, policymakers, and consumers, the plastics industry is striving to create a more sustainable future by reimagining the lifecycle of plastics from production to disposal.

7 Key Trends Shaping the Plastics Industry in 2024

The plastics industry is poised for transformative changes in 2024, marked by dynamic trends that underscore a commitment to sustainability, innovation, and digital transformation.


Can the plastics industry be 100% sustainable? This study thinks so

Lots of recycling, combined with the use of CO2 from the air and biomass, could make a completely sustainable plastics industry a reality, according to a new study.

Sustainability in Plastics: A Blueprint for industry transformation

For decades, plastics have played an indispensable role in modern life, offering versatility, durability, and cost-effectiveness. 

In recent years, however, the industry has faced mounting pressure to address its environmental impact and embrace sustainability.

Turning sustainable in the plastics industry is not just a matter of corporate responsibility but a strategic imperative for long-term survival and success.